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Vespa Handmade 8oz Coffee Mug


A groovy Blue Witch ceramic. The Vespa is a classic Italian scooter made by Piaggio since 1946. They went on to become the first globally successful scooter and as a result, these retro machines have earned a warm place in the heart of popular culture.

Our Blue Witch Coffee Mug is individually handmade and displays striking detail. Each mug is unique and patiently hand painted by a talented artist with precision to emphasize the character design; it takes nearly 2 weeks to complete the entire process. Only love can make it happen.

A perfect cup of tea; every mug is dishwasher safe and microwave friendly ensuring the colour will never fade. Carefully protected in a Blue Witch gift box which includes a certificate signed by the artist. What a perfect Vespa gift idea!

DIMENSIONS 10cm x 8cm


CAPACITY 200ml / 8oz